Birding by Ear – Part VIII

Birding by Ear – Part VIII
by Andrew Bryant, 28 April 2018

Pierre Geoffray and I led a cosy group of 7 members to learn more about “birding by ear” at Wildwood Bluffs…and this year we had our work cut out for us!

It was, in a word, QUIET.

We began by walking along the newly-widened roads along the recently-sold “Block 55”.   What a difference a year makes!  Gone were the young forests filled with early-spring migrants such as Wilson’s and Orange-Crowned Warblers.  Indeed, we saw about about as many pieces of heavy equipment as we did birds.

Things improved a bit as we got off the road and hit the bluffs proper.  Hutton’s and Cassin’s Vireo, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and even my first Turkey Vultures of the year.  The walk back up the hill was also quiet, indeed, strangely so.

Pierre, ever the patient observer, kept an E-bird list which can be seen here.  Which illustrates two time-honored principles of field biology:
1) You always see more than you remember, when you record observations in the field, and
2) If you don’t record something, well in the end, it never happened

And if you don’t get out at all, well, enjoy the photos!