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Young Naturalist and Special Events

A Seaside Amble

Young naturalists exploring tide pools at Powell River, BC, 15 June 2019 - David Bedry

by David Bedry, 15 June 2019.   With an array of field guides in hand, David Bedry and a small group of parents and Young Naturalists explored the tide pools below the Westview viewpoint. Three parents with four children had a great time wading and splashing in the tide pools with dip nets, using collection jars … Continue reading A Seaside Amble

Our new Forestry Museum display

by Andrew Bryant, 30 May 2019. Some “events” just fall into your lap.  Others take hard work and persistence.  This one had elements of both. In May of 2018 we were approached by Nikita Johnston of the Powell River Historical Museum and Archives.   It appears that our existing “display” had “seen better days”.  Nikita kindly … Continue reading Our new Forestry Museum display

Bird watching with Clyde

by Janet May, 28 Oct. Clyde Burton led Young Naturalist bird enthusiasts to the estuary where we crept up on a dozen killdeer and saw a rare Eurasian widgeon! Clyde had egg samples for all to feel and a hooded merganser. As we said goodbye, a kingfisher scolded us and a pair of eagles twittered … Continue reading Bird watching with Clyde

Water Dragons!

The Young Naturalists examine stream invertebrates, with a disecting microsope 18 May 2018 - J. May

by Janet May, 12 May 2018. Stream biologist Alan Hobson showed the Young Naturalists how to find and identify stream invertebrates. We peaked through the microscope at the mayfly’s tiny translucent body and her earnest black eyes watched us right back. We learned that delicate dragons live in Willingdon Creek.

Young Nats build bird houses

David Bedry building nest-boxes with the Young Naturalists, Powell River, 31 March 2018 - J. May

by Janet May, 31 Mar 2018. It sounded like Santa’s workshop at Willingdon campsite when Young Naturalists hammered together, and it was all for the birds. Thank you to David Bedry for cutting pieces and teaching us how to construct seventeen new homes for spring families. Thanks also to Pat Hull and RONA Powell River Building … Continue reading Young Nats build bird houses

Seedy Saturday 2018

Vounteers at Seedy Saturday, 17 March 2018

by Andrew Bryant, 17 Mar 2018. As per normal, the club arranged a table at the local “Seedy Saturday”… that marvellous and most-welcome harbinger of spring! Thanks to Lu Wuthrich for organizing it, and all who came out to help – and see you next year!

118th Christmas Bird Count

Pilieated Woodpecker at Penticton Woods, 2017 Powell River Christmas Bird Count - A. Bryant

by Andrew Bryant, 16 Dec 2017.  A number of club members participated in the Christmas Bird Count this year – the 14th time we’ve done so! We had 17 participants, with another dozen who recording birds seen at feeders.   In total, we counted 6021 birds of 88 species.  This is somewhat lower than numbers recorded in previous years, … Continue reading 118th Christmas Bird Count

Marvellous mushrooms in the mist

Ioni Waisgluss out with with the Young Naturalists, Powell River. 2017 - J. May

by Janet May, 28 Oct 2017. Ioni Waisgluss led a foggy fungi hunt through Millennium Park. Tiny candle snuffs and burly red belted polypores were admired, as sunlight gradually brightened the golden maples above us. Enthusiastic young mycologists and their parents had a fine fall day out!  

Tide Pool Treasures

  by Janet May, 29 April 2017. Despite the wind and rain, Young Naturalists followed the herons and the tide down the Westview beach. Lu and Heather helped identify everything from eel grass to kelp crabs. They found three kinds of starfish, three kinds on anemone, and maybe an eel! What a great morning!  

Tuari meets the kids

  by Janet May, 22 April 2017. A dozen Young Naturalists, their families and a few passers-by got to meet Jessica Baynton and Tuari-the-Hawk. Believe it or not, their job is at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).  As part of a team, they work to keep airplanes and birds safely apart.  It’s a job that requires skill, … Continue reading Tuari meets the kids

5th Christmas Bird Count for Kids

by Janet May, 3 December 2016. The 5th Powell River Christmas Bird Count for kids was led by elder birders Clyde Burton, John Treen, and Andrew Bryant. The kids quickly took charge of spotting scopes, and we were treated to the usual fare: herons, loons, surf scoters, killdeer, and a bald eagle flying by, maybe doing … Continue reading 5th Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Soapstone Carving

by Janet May, 5 March 2016 Richard Benson worked his magic this month, providing soapstone, sandpaper files, and instruction on stone shaping for 11 Young Naturalists and their adults. Adriana Virtue and Sharon Benson helped out and Tom Kolezar gave a short presentation about rock forming processes and showed samples of different types of rock. Everyone … Continue reading Soapstone Carving

4th Christmas Bird Count for Kids

by Andrew Bryant, 6 December 2015. It was a dark and stormy morning, with sideways rain and gale-force winds. Attendance was perhaps the lowest ever recorded for a Young Naturalist event, but I like to think that young Henry and his dad (our two guests) appreciated the day.  I know that I did! Our species … Continue reading 4th Christmas Bird Count for Kids

What’s in the water?

What’s in the water? by Janet May, 1 August 2015 What’s in the water? Young Naturalists’ families investigated the invertebrates of McGuffie Creek and found mayfly, caddis larvae, and other tiny creatures. Alan Hobson directed the dip-nets and magnification of our watery friends and then they were all returned to the cool riffles.  

Bats and bat houses

Bats and Bat Houses by Janet May, 20 June 2015 The Young Naturalists gathered around Willingdon’s picnic tables to build bat boxes.  Seventeen children and their families constructed pre-cut boxes under the guidance of John Treen.  Then they took them home.  Now the local bat population is benefiting from the enthusiasm of the young and … Continue reading Bats and bat houses

3rd Christmas Bird Count for Kids!

Christmas Bird Count for Kids! by Andrew Bryant, 6 December 2014 For the third year in a row,  the Young Naturalists participated in the Christmas Bird Count for Kids.  Although not an official Audubon event, it’s a great excuse for families to get out and about, learn some new birds and socialize with others. Nicely … Continue reading 3rd Christmas Bird Count for Kids!

Purple martin banding part III

by Andrew Bryant, 9 Aug 2014. Scheduling conflicts prevented our Young Naturalists from attending this event.  But a few members (thanks Clyde Burton!) stepped up to the plate and provided some on-the-ground support. As usual I snapped a few images. Thanks as always to Bruce Cousens and Charlene Lee of Nanaimo, and their technician Julia … Continue reading Purple martin banding part III

Bark, cones and the trees they grow upon

by Janet Southcott, 24 May 2014.

2nd Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Steller's Jay - A. Bryant photo

by Elizabeth Tenhoeve, 7 Dec 2013. Once again a few of us braved the wilds of Willingdon Beach and added to our birding identification skills.  We’re pleased that our kids are participating in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count – and having fun in the process!

Banding Purple Martins Part II


by Elizabeth Tenhoeve, 5 Aug 2013. Quite a crowd turned out for what is becoming an annual event. At Myrtle Rocks we have one of the northernmost colonies of Purple Martins, birds of the swallow family who nest in the boxes attached to offshore pilings.   We watched the nestlings as they were removed from the nest, banded, … Continue reading Banding Purple Martins Part II

First Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Thank heaven's the spotting scope was waterproof - D. Bedry

by Janet Southcott, 1 Dec 2012. This is the first year our Young Naturalists have participated in a nationwide bird count. We were thwarted by the weather, high winds, rain, not ideal conditions for bird watching.  But a few brave souls came out to help. We worked with experienced birders and walked through Millennium Park.  Everyone … Continue reading First Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Banding Purple Martins


by Elizabeth Tenhoeve, 14 July 2012. Among other things, Andrew Bryant is the local coordinator for the Purple Martin nest box project at Myrtle Rocks.  He invited the Young Naturalists along while Bruce Cousens, Charlene Lee and he collected nestlings from the nest boxes to be banded.  It was great fun, many of the children were … Continue reading Banding Purple Martins

Mason Bees and more


by Janet Southcott, 14 April 2012. We visited a gentleman south of town, Don Boese, who is a minefield full of information about mason bees. He showed a video of how to keep mason bees then helped us make mason bee boxes.  Everybody took a box home and hopefully there are many more mason bee homes … Continue reading Mason Bees and more

Strolling with sea-lions

WHAT’S THE RACKET?: Sea lions gathering on the breakwater off the shore of Townsite have been attracting some residents and repelling others lately with their grunts, growls and barks. - Powell River Peak photo

by Janet Southcott, 3 Dec 2011.  We met to find the sea lions down near the mill and also explore what other wildlife lives along the shore there, such as seals and winter birds.

Shoreline birds

Hulks and surf scoters

by Janet Southcott, 15 Nov 2011. We went down to the Hulks, at the south end of Catalyst Paper Corporation mill and looked at the Californian and Steller Sea Lions in the log-sorting area.  We were lucky to see both species together as it was easy to tell them apart.  We also saw shoreline birds such … Continue reading Shoreline birds

Tide pools

Pisater ochraceous sea stars - G. Robertson photo

by Janet Southcott, 15 June 2011.  For the second time since the club was created, we ventured down to the shoreline below the Sea Walk on an extremely low tide to look in the tidal pools and find some fantastic creatures that show nature has fun with colours and shapes.  We found fish, sculpins, in jazzy … Continue reading Tide pools


This is what a geocache actually looks like - P. Clements photo

by Janet Southcott, 9 April 2011.   We went on a hike through the woods around Powell River Recreation Complex, led by Bonnie Kent.  This was an introduction to geocaching.  The children learned to use GPS units to find caches.  Then they created and hid their own. It was a lot of fun and we saw many … Continue reading Geocaching

Whales, dolphins and porpoises with Susan MacKay

Orca breaching - L.B. Lennard

by Janet Southcott, 22 January 2011. The Young Naturalists met at Trinity Hall (United Church). Susan MacKay, who well known in whale circles, returned to teach children all all whales, porpoises and dolphins! They learned lots, especially about what to do if you see something BIG swimming through our local waters.  Be sure to report your … Continue reading Whales, dolphins and porpoises with Susan MacKay


Young Naturalists digging...for worms! - E. Tenhoeve

by Elizabeth Tenhoeve, 27 February 2010. WOW!   What a great time we had playing in the dirt and learning all about worms.  We met at the Community Resource Centre on Joyce Avenue across from the First Credit Union, where there is a worm farm in the backyard. The folks there have been raising earthworms for their … Continue reading Worms!

Naked eye stargazing with Christine Woolcott

Christine Woolcott shows us where to look - J. Alred photo

by Janet Alred, 12 December 2009.  The Young Naturalists Club hosted a workshop for children and families about the night sky at Trinity Hall, United Church.  Stargazer Christine Woolcott led the children through creating a constellation map.