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Field trip reports

March Lake old-growth

by Nancy Pezel, 27 Sep 2020 After about an hour’s drive up logging roads, 13 members enjoyed a leisurely walk along a newly constructed portion of the Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT) just north of March Lake.  The overcast skies provided perfect conditions for hiking and photography. After walking approximately 15 m off an existing logging road, … Continue reading March Lake old-growth

Alpine Adventure

by Tom Koleszar, 9 Aug 2020 On Sunday, August 9 – one day later than planned due to inclement weather – twenty Malaspina Naturalists enjoyed a helicopter field trip to the alpine country of the South Powell Divide.  Flying from the airport and from a staging area a few kilometers past the head of Goat Lake, … Continue reading Alpine Adventure

Desolation Sound

by Heather Harbord, 11 Jul 2020 Brandishing our masks, six members boarded Misty Isles at Lund for a day trip to Desolation Sound.  Two of the 8 passengers mandated by Covid-19 regulations had got sick the day before and were unable to come. A steady rain started but after several months locked down at home … Continue reading Desolation Sound

Lang Creek Fish Hatchery and Native Plant Garden

by Paul Miniato, 6 Oct 2019 A warm sun pushed through the clouds as about 15 of us began our tour of the Hatchery.  David Bedry explained how the operation of the facility meshed with the lifecycle of the salmon. Needing different water temperatures, the various species – except Sockeye, which can’t spawn in this watershed … Continue reading Lang Creek Fish Hatchery and Native Plant Garden

Mushroom forage – 2019

by Nancy Pezel 29 Sept 2019 Sixteen members met at Squirrel Crossing on this perfect fall day to learn about mushrooms.  After handing out an introduction to mushrooms and showing us a stack of reference books she suggested to help with identification, Izi Loveluck guided us up a loop trail to point out examples of a … Continue reading Mushroom forage – 2019

Marmots on Mt Washington

by Pat Karis 20 July 2019 On Saturday ten of  us caught the early ferry to Comox in search of Vancouver Island marmots (Marmota vancouverensis) on Mount Washington. We rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain, where club members were treated to an informative talk on the marmot by Dr. Andrew Bryant, who … Continue reading Marmots on Mt Washington

Desolation Sound

by Nancy Pezel 13 July 2019 As Nadia brought us up alongside the Misty Isles in the dingy, what a surprise to find Mike would be our captain for the day!  With the aid of his charts, Mike explained about the currents, tides, deep waters, and warm fresh surface waters that make Desolation Sound such a … Continue reading Desolation Sound

Powell Lake – its natural and not-so-natural history

by Tom Koleszar 22 Jun 2019 Its 0900 Saturday morning and 12 intrepid naturalists embark on the Catwalker for an all day trip up Powell Lake to learn about the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery!  We made 4 stops on the way up to the head, including one at Captain Byrne’s cabin at Olsens Landing … Continue reading Powell Lake – its natural and not-so-natural history

In search of the Contorted-pod Evening Primrose

by Nancy Pezel 25 May 2019 We left the rain behind us as we drove towards Lund, patches of blue sky amongst the clouds promised good weather on our adventure.  After fueling up on cinnamon buns and coffees we took the short water taxi ride to Savary Island.  From the wharf we walked a few kilometers … Continue reading In search of the Contorted-pod Evening Primrose

Birding by Ear Part IX

by Pierre Geoffray 18 May 2019 A group of ten enthusiastic members practiced our “ear-birding” skills along the trails of Wildwood Bluffs.  We started at the Italian Hall in second growth forest, where a variety of birds were singing, among them many Yellow Warblers and Black-headed Grosbeaks and the first Swainson’s Thrush of the year. Next … Continue reading Birding by Ear Part IX

Mitlenatch 2019

by Duane Sept, 4 May 2019 Twelve keen adventurers boarded the Misty Isles at Lund for a day trip to Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park.  The owner/operator Jonas Fineman was our trusty captain and our guide was guide George Sirk.  George was the original naturalist for Mitlenatch in 1969 and he returned again in 1971. After … Continue reading Mitlenatch 2019

Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve

by Andrew Bryant, 27 Apr 2019 Well, we’ve talked about doing this trip for years – and finally did it.  Thirteen of us took the Saltery Bay ferry and shuttled to the trailhead using “Tom’s Uber” .  We walked a couple of km along a well-maintained trail to Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve – and then the … Continue reading Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve

Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls

by Nancy Pezel, 23 Feb 2019 After a few sleepless nights worrying about the snowy weather forecast for the day of this trip, 12 of our members were happy to board the Sunshine Coast Tours boat at Saltery Bay under high overcast skies! As we travelled up Jervis inlet, one of the deepest inlets of the … Continue reading Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls

Beach Trail Forest History

by Tom Koleszar, 19 Jan 2019 On a cool Saturday morning, 14 naturalists lead by Rod Tysdal gathered at the Willingdon Beach Trail (the old Michigan & Puget Sound railroad grade) for a leisurely walk up the trail. Along the way we examined much of the old logging equipment displayed there.  Rod is very knowledgeable with … Continue reading Beach Trail Forest History

Return to Stillwater Bluffs

by Andrew Bryant, 10 Nov. 2018 Fifteen of us carpooled our way out to one of Powell River’s nicest remaining natural areas – the Stillwater Bluffs. Ably led by long-time resident, climber, and friend-of-the-bluffs Jason Addy, the morning began with unsettled November weather…with just a few drops of rain and some hints of sunshine peaking through … Continue reading Return to Stillwater Bluffs

Tla’amin Fish Hatchery Tour

A freshly butchered Chum salmon - the traditional way! - Cindy Dalcourt

by Cindy Dalcourt, 5 Nov. 2018 28 Members made their way to the Hatchery this morning where we met up with Lee George, the Hatchery manager. There were a lot of fish, both dead and alive in the river as well as in the spawning channel and the fish ladder. We did not get to … Continue reading Tla’amin Fish Hatchery Tour

Mushroom Festival at Madeira Park

Mushroom Festival 2018

by Michael Stewart, 13 Oct. It was a beautiful morning as we travelled by ferry to Earls Cove. From there, we went to the southern area of Pender Harbour and had a short but amazing hike along the ocean in Francis Point Provincial Park.  We did some bird watching and found a few mushrooms in … Continue reading Mushroom Festival at Madeira Park

Alpine Adventure – Take 20

Slide Mtn (2100m) with its unique geology - Tom Koleszar

by Tom Koleszar, 18 August 2018. Twenty of us recently enjoyed a helicopter trip into our local alpine country.  Flying from the airport and from a staging area near Goat Lake, we spent the day on a ridge top between Diane and Joan Lakes, near Mt Baldy.  It was a great day as we were … Continue reading Alpine Adventure – Take 20

Elephant Lake old-growth

by Lois Bridger, 28 July 2018. Getting to the old-growth took some doing! There were 29 of us in a convoy of vehicles driving up to an elevation of 900 metres.  Nancy and Tom led the hike along part of the Sunshine Coast Trail.  We were fortunate to also have a few knowledgeable foresters along … Continue reading Elephant Lake old-growth

Desolation Sound

by Andrew Bryant, 28 June 2018. After our traditional pit-stop at Nancy’s Bakery, nine of us boarded the Misty Isles in Lund for a cruise up Desolation Sound. Ably skippered by Jonas and deck-handled by Karie, we travelled north on the lee side of the Copeland Islands.  We mostly ignored the impressive big-money homes at … Continue reading Desolation Sound

Courtenay Museum and Trent River Fossil Hunt

by Nancy Pezel, 9 June 2018. After enjoying coffees and conversations on the ferry trip to Comox, our group of 12 members met Pat Trask at the Courtenay and District Museum and Palaeontological Centre for a tour and up-close look at some of the fossils and dinosaur reproductions Pat showcased during his presentation. Many of these … Continue reading Courtenay Museum and Trent River Fossil Hunt

Mitlenatch Island trip

by Winnie Ferrier, 2 June 2018. On Saturday twelve of us carpooled to Lund to begin an awesome adventure.   We were greeted by Skipper Mike Moore, and then shuttled by zodiac to the Misty Isles, already moored in Finn Bay. There we were welcomed aboard by Jonas who is skipper-in-training, and Karie, their crew member.  … Continue reading Mitlenatch Island trip

Hernando Reef trip

by Cindy Dalcourt, 18 May 2018. Arriving early in Lund, most of us treated ourselves at Nancy’s Bakery before boarding the Misty Isles. Enjoying the bright sunshine and calm water we were off to a good start, made even better when an Orca passed us by shortly after leaving the harbour.  On the way to … Continue reading Hernando Reef trip

Spring Wildflowers

by Nancy Pezel, 12 May 2018. The weather was perfect for our group of 12 members to enjoy a lovely walk searching for spring wildflowers. David Bedry led the group down the Browne Creek Trail to Dinner Rock Bluffs and the campground. Along the sunnier edges of the forest we saw Pacific dogwood and Saskatoon … Continue reading Spring Wildflowers

Birding by Ear – Part VIII

by Andrew Bryant, 28 April 2018. Pierre Geoffray and I led a cosy group of 7 members to learn more about “birding by ear” at Wildwood Bluffs…and this year we had our work cut out for us! It was, in a word, QUIET. We began by walking along the newly-widened roads along the recently-sold “Block … Continue reading Birding by Ear – Part VIII

Geology of the Dodd Lake – Horseshoe Lake area

by Nancy Pezel, 21 April 2018. Tom Koleszar and Barbara Sherriff led an enthusiastic group of 26 members on a trip to learn about the geology of the local area. Along with some great views at our first stop, Tom gave us a brief history of glaciation in the area.  We learned that a kilometre … Continue reading Geology of the Dodd Lake – Horseshoe Lake area

Princess Louisa Inlet & Chatterbox Falls

See those tiny waterfalls on the right? Those are Harmony Falls, which drop about 450 metres. I'm calling this a really fine day. 24 March 2018 - Andrew A Bryant

by Lu Wuthrich, 24 Mar 2018.  Eleven Naturalists headed up Jervis Inlet to Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls.  It was an amazing spring day and the views of the snowcapped peaks, multiple waterfalls and granite cliffs were pretty spectacular. We meandered up the coast on the Sunshine Coast Tours boat looking at all the falls … Continue reading Princess Louisa Inlet & Chatterbox Falls

Skookumchuk – by boat!

In the Skookumchuck, BC, 7 Jan 2018 - Andrew A. Bryant

by Cindy Dalcourt, 7 Jan 2018. On a rainy Sunday morning just before daylight, 20 naturalists gathered at the Saltery Bay marina to meet captains Bryce of Sunshine Coast Tours and John Dafoe, Coastwise Guide. Dividing into two boats we made the half hour trip down Jervis Inlet while both captains shared their vast knowledge … Continue reading Skookumchuk – by boat!

Sunshine Coast Trail

by Laurette Hamoline, 24 Nov 2017.  Twelve members of the Malaspina Naturalist’s Club enjoyed another pleasant outing with Duane Sept, our speaker from the previous evening. We explored a short part of the Sunshine Coast Fairview Bay Trail from the parking lot to Harbour Point. Along the way we saw several species of fungi including … Continue reading Sunshine Coast Trail

A day at Stillwater Bluffs

Malaspina Naturalists visting Stillwater Bluffs, Powell River, 19 Nov 2017 - M. Stewart

by Michael Stewart, 19 Nov 2017.  Jason Addy, local resident, adventurer and naturalist, took us on  a wonderful walking tour of Stillwater Bluffs – an area he knows very well – because it’s his backyard! Jason explained the logging company history of the area – amongst other things, he’s a member of the group seeking promotion, protection and … Continue reading A day at Stillwater Bluffs