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Hernando Reef tour

by Heather Harbord, 15 July 2011.

Mitlenatch again

by Heather Harbord, 2 June 2011.

Spring wildflowers with Andy McKinnon

by Janet Alred, 20 May 2011 On Friday 22 people showed up at 8am to meet the previous night’s speaker, Andy McKinnon.  Although the campsite was in shadow at first, gradually it warmed up as the sun reached it.  Nodding onion, Chocolate lilies, Sea blush, Monkey flower, Shooting stars, Blue-eyed Mary, Death camus, Saxifrage, Saskatoon, Salal, … Continue reading Spring wildflowers with Andy McKinnon

Turtles at Cranberry Lake

  By Janet Alred, 13 May 2011.  Following the most interesting lecture on these endangered turtles by Vanessa Kilburn, our field trip took us to Lindsay Park at the north end of Cranberry Lake.  Here we were met by Vanessa and her colleague Aimee Mitchell, as well as photographer of amphibians, Terry Brown and partner Jude … Continue reading Turtles at Cranberry Lake

Texada karst and caves

By Janet Alred, 25 March 2011.   Following his talk the previous evening, on Friday John Dove led a field trip for eleven members to Stromberg Falls and Marshall Point. At the Falls, we saw a creek exiting a cave and running into a swallet concealed under our feet. Then we went up to where a … Continue reading Texada karst and caves

Rambling with Clyde

By Janet Alred, 10 March 2011.  On Thursday, six people dripped their way around the Lang Bay Fish Hatchery where there were no dippers to be seen as they have all gone up to the mountains to breed in the fast water.  We crossed the road to look at the mouth of Lang Creek and on … Continue reading Rambling with Clyde

Forest Greens

by Janet Alred, 5 February 2011. On Saturday Wendy Cocksedge, who spoke to us last year about the forest greens used in the floristry industry, escorted four of us along the Willingdon Trail where we identified Scouring rush, Salal, Trailing blackberry, an early Skunk cabbage, small leaves of Sweet Cecily (we think), new Salmonberry shoots, Oregon-beaked … Continue reading Forest Greens

Winter twigs

Winter twigs with Shirley Cole by Heidi Rohard 7 November 2010 On a surprisingly sunny Sunday morning, Nov. 7th, 2010, nine of us met Shirley Cole in the North mall parking lot. While waiting for departure time she showed us and explained various twigs, some with leaves still attached, as well as a beautiful collection … Continue reading Winter twigs

Mushroom workshop

by Janet Alred, 16 October 2010.  Thirty-three people turned out for the mushroom workshop with Brigid Weiler of Cortes Island.  Brigid’s picture appears on page 145 of David Arora’s All that the Rain Promises and More… This eclectically illustrated handbook is available locally from Breakwater Books along with his larger reference book Mushrooms Demystified. Brigid brought … Continue reading Mushroom workshop