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Blue dasher - T. Thormin photo

by Sharon Godkin, 30 July 2013. Five members jammed into Barbara Sherriff’s car on the noon ferry to Comox to meet our February speaker, Terry Thormin, for a dragonfly field trip. By the time we arrived at Little River Park near the ferry terminal, the dragonflies were in full form skimming over the two ponds in … Continue reading Dragonflies

Hernando Reef

by Andrew Bryant, 22 July 2013. Twelve of us embarked upon the Misty Isles in Lund and set out for the unknown (at least to me) waters surrounding Hernando Island.  Luckily Mike Moore AKA “Captain Mike” clearly knew his stuff and made us feel comfortable and safe.  The skies were clear and the ocean blue.  We saw a … Continue reading Hernando Reef

Westview seashore photography

by David Bedry, 22 June 2013. With a one foot tide five of us met Heather at the foot of Masset Street.  We walked out onto the beach from there to look for various saltwater flora and fauna.  There were a variety of small crab in the 1-2 inch deep water.  As soon as they detected … Continue reading Westview seashore photography

Mitlenatch visit

by Heather Habord, 15 June 2013. Participants not only got to visit the island, they get there on the trusty Misty Isles with Mike Moore.   Mike is an expert captain who shared all kinds of coastal stories.   His wife is the botanist who led the on-shore trip.   The spring flowers were out in … Continue reading Mitlenatch visit

Savary beaches and spring flowers

by David Bedry, 11 May 2013. Eleven people met in Lund to take the water taxi over to Savary Island.  We were met by the Treen’s who had scouted out and marked various wild flowers for us to see.  We started with a nice walk along the beach then John directed us up off the beach and into … Continue reading Savary beaches and spring flowers

Birding by ear Part III

by Heather Harbord, 20 April 2013. Four of us met Pierre at the Italian Hall and walked north along a muddy trail where we saw or heard 29 species. We mostly focused on the Orange-crowned Warbler’s song.  The long, thin trill that drops at the end.  Luckily there were lots of them today.  Also the “wetchidi-witchidi” of … Continue reading Birding by ear Part III

Fawn Lily Extravaganza

by Heather Harbord, 7 April 2013.  White avalanche lilies, or fawn lilies (Erythronium montanum)  are at the northern edge of their range in coastal British Columbia.  How they might have reached Sliammon is a bit of a mystery.  Our trip was ably led by Andrew Bryant and Rod Innis. Although the mystery of disjunct geographic distribution remains … Continue reading Fawn Lily Extravaganza

Goats and Eldred River geology

By Heather Harbord, 23 March 2013. Several carloads of us drove up to Goat Lake where we viewed about 4 goats from the viewpoint.  A short hike through the woods took us past the climbers’ camp and out onto the river bank where we ate lunch and enjoyed the rushing water.  Geologist Barbara Sherriff expounded on the local … Continue reading Goats and Eldred River geology

Texada Quarry

By Heather Harbord, 16 February 2013. Twelve of us, including Barbara Sherriff (Leader) and myself (Coordinator), walked on the 9:50 AM ferry to Texada.  On board, Barbara explained how limestone is formed from marine sediments and how igneous intrusions into it produced small deposits of gold, silver and copper. At Blubber Bay, retired quarry manager, Harold Diggon, … Continue reading Texada Quarry

A Citrine Wagtail!

By Heather Harbord, 25 November 2012. A small delegation of Malaspina Naturalists (all 3 of us) boarded the 8:10 ferry and piled into Clyde Burton’s truck on the other side.  We drove straight to where the Citrine Warbler had first been seen by Comox Valley Naturalists on Nov. 14th. In company with birders from Nanaimo, Vancouver and Iowa … Continue reading A Citrine Wagtail!

The Great Mushroom Cook-out

By Heather Harbord, 15 October 2012.  Dave Taylor from Texada had been asked to lead this but at the last minute declined saying there were no mushrooms.  Eight of us went to Squirrel Crossing anyway and found about 20 species. Despite a recent injury, Izi Loveluck led the trip as she knew far more than the rest … Continue reading The Great Mushroom Cook-out