Goats and the Eldred River

Goats and the Eldred Riverby Janet Aldred, 25 March 2012. 

Clyde Burton led nineteen of us to the lookout on Goat Lake where we saw the horns, eyes and splendid white coats of two Mountain Goats very clearly through Sharon Godkin’s excellent telescope.  Other dots may have been goats.

Then we progressed down the hill and on to Mile 34 where a mossy trail led through the woods to the Eldred River gorge.  Perched on the rocks, we marvelled at how so much river could squeeze into such a narrow space.  Afterwards we drove to where the road ends in a big ditch.  Some people hiked further while others watched a continuous series of avalanches and rock falls coming off a nearby peak.

On the way back, Andrew Bryant reported seeing four goats in the same place as the ones we all saw in the morning.  Having left town at 8am, we were back by about 5pm.