Tom Koleszar – “The new March Lake trail”

Tom Koleszar – “The new March Lake trail”
by Tom Koleszar, 18 May 2020.

In mid May we walked most of the new March Lake trail.

This is a new section of the Sunshine Coast Trail constructed last Fall to go around the north and west sides of March Lake, and part of it goes through an old growth forest. This forest is unusual in that it has a great deal of Yellow Cedar at a relatively low altitude (and believe me, this made for hard work on the build as it is a very hard and heavy wood!).

There is also lots of blueberry, and everything is covered with moss!  The trail also goes right by a giant Western White Pine.  Though the trail does not go right down to the lake, a side branch (an old quad route) does.  At the lake there is a bench to sit and enjoy the view, and the shore is surrounded by wetland shrubs – for us, the swamp laurel had almost finished flowering and the Labrador Tea was not quite out yet!

Finding the access to this section is not easy, but our plan is to take a field trip here when we are able.