Maurelle Island

Maurelle Island
by Heather Harbord, 31 August – 1 September 2009.

There are only certain tides in the summer that will allow Captain Mike Moore and the Misty Isles to do this circumnavigation.   We were picked us up in Lund, and we sailed through Baker’s Pass and up the west side of Cortes after stopping to admire our sails from the zodiac.

While we waited for the tide at the entrance to Von Donop Inlet, we cooled off with a swim off the boat which has a swim ladder that goes down far enough to be useful.  Going through White Rock Pass was exciting because we had to line up the markers to avoid the rocks.  We spent the night at Discovery Lodge, just south of Beazley Passage.

Next morning we were up early to catch the tide before it  turned to flood against us.  We headed up to Wiatt Bay where we went ashore to see the gallery.  We rode the flood through Hole in the Wall about noon and rounded the top of Maurelle.  In Lewis Channel, we poked into Teakerne Arm for a swim at the falls from  Cassel Lake returning to Lund about 5pm.

Mike’s knowledge of the area and its stories enhanced the pleasure of this trip.  The cost was $331 per person.