David Bedry – “Nature photography: basics and more”

David Bedry – “Nature photography: basics and more”
by Andrew Bryant, 19 Jan 2019.

Long-time club member and skilled photographer David Bedry provided an informative look at “getting it right” when creating images…no matter what gear you use.

He began with a 1979 Kodak film called The Beginnings of Photographic Composition.  If that sounds dated or dull, well…trust me it wasn’t!  Indeed, it was solid introduction to the principles of good photography…which David’s been kind enough to expand upon here.

In a nutshell, whether you shoot with a smart phone, a basic point-and-shoot, or a high-end DSLR, these principles (framing, lines, balance, rule of thirds, etc) will improve your photography.  Because they’ll make you think about the shot before you pick up the camera!

The second part of David’s talk was solid fun.
We explored a diverse selection of his own images – combined with his humorous and candid appraisal about why this particular shot is a keeper and why, oh my word…
this one’s a dud.

Nicely done.