Heather Harbord & Barbara Sherriff – “Heather and Barbara’s Trip to Tuktoyuktut”

Heather Harbord & Barbara Sherriff – “Heather and Barbara’s Trip to Tuktoyuktut”
by Andrew Bryant, 18 Oct 2018.

Heather unfortunately couldn’t make it – but Barbara stepped up and gave a marvellous account of their epic trip to Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. via the Dempster Highway.

What an adventure!  Barbara was funny, informative, and vivid.  I can only imagine what it would be like to encounter a “road closed” sign under such circumstances.  For me, the best parts were the history of the Gold Rush (now I know what paydirt means), the intricacies of the geology (how the gold got there was really neat), and the technology of extraction (I had no concept of just how laborious and time-consuming a process it was).

The weather was not the best, and there were a few disappointments, but it sure looked like a lot of fun.   We laughed to learn why it’s called “Chicken, Alaska” (because they couldn’t spell “ptarmigan”), the drunken buildings of Dawson City taught us about the problems of building on permafrost, and hey, what’s not to like about a place that has pingos?

Fantastic, wonderful stuff.  I wanna go.


the Club – “Highlights of 2017-18”

the Club – “Highlights of 2017-18”
by Andrew Bryant, 20 Sept 2018.

We tried something a bit different for our AGM this year.  Rather than kick off the new Malanat-year by bringing in an outside speaker, we thought we’d take the opportuity to reflect on the year that’s been – and what a year it was!

There were a total of 16 field-trips, not to mention the Young Naturalists,and special events like the Christmas Bird Count, Coastal Waterbird Surveys, Seedy Saturday…and more!

Nancy, Tom, David and yours truly provided the commentary as we travelled, vicariously, over some of the terrain we explored over the past year.  There was rather a lot of it.  What was also impressive were some of the statistics.  Doing all this stuff required a lot of time, effort and attention.

It was a good reminder…it takes work to build a club!