Cortez Island Geology

Cortez Island Geology
by Tom Koleszar, 26 July 2014.

Twelve naturalists, led by our own Barbara Sherriff, boarded the Misty Isles with Captain Mike Moore for a day-long geological tour of Hernando, Twin, and Cortes Islands.

We first cruised past Hernando Island before landing at Iron Point at the south end of Twin Islands, where we had ample opportunity the get our hands on the rocks of Wrangelia and the Coast Plutonic Complex.  Back aboard the Misty Isles, we then cruised along the south shore of Cortes Island looking at recent Quaternary sediments and more examples of the plutonic rocks of coastal BC.

For the latter part of the afternoon, Captain Mike took us on a cruise around Kinghorn Island in Desolation Sound and then along the Copeland Islands and back to Lund.  Along the way we saw some wildlife and a rare Agarikon fungas on an old growth Douglas Fir (in addition to the rocks and beautiful scenery, of course!)

We had a wonderful day with great weather, and we all learned a lot about the geology of our own area.  Special thanks to Barbara and Mike Moore for making it all possible!