Fun with ferns

Fun with ferns
by Tom Koleszar
, 5 June 2021

On Saturday eight intrepid members of the Naturalist Club braved the weather to explore the world of ferns with trip leader Rod Tysdal.

Rod is a retired forester, and he dusted off a lot of his old knowledge – and even bought a new book – to prepare for this trip.  Before we started out, we had a little test on fern identification – which a few of us even passed!

Rod provided us with a little guide sheet (complete with original poetry), then led us on a wonderful guided walk up Blackwater Creek to David Lam Falls looking at ferns (and other forest life) all along the way.  We learned how to identify several different kinds of ferns ( Licorice, Deer, Sword, Spiney Wood, Bracken, and Lady ferns), as well has where they like to live and how they propagate.

We topped it off with lunch at David Lam Falls, enjoying the waterfall scenery before heading back to the vehicles.  Rod did a wonderful job, and everyone really enjoyed the trip.  We hope we can entice him back for more trips in the future!  Thanks Rod!  And a special thanks to his wife Vicki who assisted Rod on the trip, and had to put up with him during all his preparations!