Forest Ecosystems

Forest Ecosystems
by Tom Koleszar, 17 October 2015.

Twelve Naturalists participated in the forest ecosystems field trip.  The goal of this trip was to examine forest soils and plants at different elevations near Powell River.

Lead by our guide, Nancy Pezel of Western Forest Products, we looked at 4 sites along A Branch between 500 and 1100m elevation.  At each site Nancy described the forest soils, the climate/moisture conditions, and the resulting plant assemblages. (At the 1st 2 sites she was ably assisted by Rod Tysdal and our own Janet May.)  The lower 3 sites (between 500 and 900 m elevation) were varying examples of Coastal Western Hemlock forests, while the topmost site was in the Mountain Hemlock zone.

Some great discussions took place at each stop, and I think we all learned many new things about the forests we thought we new so well! We also had a great spot for lunch at the top, which would have had a wonderful view if only the clouds had gone away (at least it didn’t rain!).

Special thanks to Nancy not only for guiding us through the trip, but for all her advance preparation and for answering all our many, many questions so well.