Mark Koleszar – “Geological tales of Iceland”

Mark Koleszar – “Geological tales of Iceland”
by Andrew Bryant, 17 Oct 2019.

Mark recently completed his Masters thesis at the University of Iceland, entitled “Flat-topped volcanic edifices in Vonarskarð, Central Iceland, and on the Kolbeinsey Ridge“.   You can learn more about his research here, or read his full thesis here.

Geology is one thing.  Iceland is something else.

Over the course of three years, Mark got to visit places that few humans have ever seen – indeed his principal field study areas are about as remote as it gets.  Iceland is a place of wonder; waterfalls, volcanoes, ponies and puffins.  And Mark (and family) are very talented photographers.

So I think it best to let the images speak for themselves.

Strokkur Geyser, Haukadalur Valley
Click on the image to see it in action!
– T. Koleszar