Mike Moore – “Antarctica”

Mike Moore – “Antarctica”
by Andrew Bryant, 19 November 2015.

Our dear friend Captain Mike Moore took time off from skippering the ever-faithful Misty Isles and driving naturalists hither and fro in his zodiac, to show us what he does in the “off-season”…

…which is driving naturalists hither and fro…in a zodiac…in Antarctica!

The photos were breathtaking, and some of the stories behind them are incredible.  Mike is a wonderful raconteur.  I knew that krill was important, but had no idea of the pervasive prominence of pink poo!

Nor did I know about the recently successful rat eradication program on South Georgia, or the historical significance of the wrecked factory whaling ship Guvernøren, or why there would be a bronze statue of a particular Chilean tug captain  on Elephant Island, or why one can see easily see different age-classes of penguins in a single photograph, or what some of the cascading impacts of climate change may be upon King Penguins and other creatures.

Incredible stuff.  I wanna go!