Marmots at Mount Washington

Marmots at Mount Washington 
by Lu Wuthrich, 13
 August 2016.

On a sunny Saturday eleven of the Naturalists went up to Mount Washington for a second Marmot tour, led by Andrew Bryant.

We were on the chair lift early in the morning and had a sunny, clear day to view the wonderful vistas around the top of Mount Washington.   Andrew chose several areas to stop and give the group a comprehensive history of Marmots, their habitat and behaviors.  He also discussed the local ecosystems, clear cut logging and the history of the Marmot Breeding Program and building on Mount Washington.  We had one sighting of a large Marmot in a beautiful meadow; the alpine meadows were in their full glory.

The group left with a good understanding of Marmot ecology, predation and current issues.

Thanks to Andrew and the members that made this trip such a pleasant experience.