Ioni Wais – “Corn Smut, Fairy Rings and Ergotoxicosis”

Ioni Wais – “Corn Smut, Fairy Rings and Ergotoxicosis”
by Andrew Bryant, 21 January 2016.

Ioni Wais is a relative newcomer to Powell River and somewhat difficult to categorize.  He describes himself as a “community animator”,  with a focus on “people, plants and place”. Actually, I think that sums it up pretty well!

In any event Ioni, or more accurately Ionatan Waisgluss, led us on a fascinating exploration of plant diseases and their influence on humans, society, and history.

It was truly one of those rare talks that one attends without having any idea what it might be about, and which winds up occupying your mind for days afterwords.  Or at least that was my experience.

Welcome to Powell River Ioni – and thank you for the nice note, detailed image notes, and links to further reading, which can be found here!