Category: Member Reports

Gail Schofield – “indigenous plants inspire”

by Gail Schofield, 15 Sept 2020. Here’s a 2 page newsletter about new developments at the Lang Creek Gardens.  In spite of Covid, we’ve found a way to move forward with projects and signage installation. We remember meeting you at the gardens for a tour this time last year – it feels like a lifetime … Continue reading Gail Schofield – “indigenous plants inspire”

Tom Koleszar – “the new Emma Direct Trail”

by Tom Koleszar, 20 August 2020. I recently explored the newly cleared trail up to Emma Lake called “Emma Direct”, and another club member had asked me to submit a report on it – so here it is! The trail starts about 600m up Branch A800 at an elevation of 200m (the turn off is … Continue reading Tom Koleszar – “the new Emma Direct Trail”

Andrew Bryant – “Heron and Neowise at Mowat Bay”

by Andrew Bryant, 13 Jul 2020. Having seen some wonderful images of Comet NEOWISE from around the world, I thought I’d dust off my trusty Nikon and take a stab at it myself.  My immediate impressions were: Wow: there sure were a lot of people at Mowat Bay at midnight on a Monday!  I think … Continue reading Andrew Bryant – “Heron and Neowise at Mowat Bay”

Heather Harbord – “Willingdon Beach Trail”

by Heather Harbord, 7 Jul 2020. In my anti-Covid battle, I try to boost my immune system by tramping along either the Sea Walk or the Willingdon Beach Trail twice a week. Here are some of the plants I identified recently along the Willingdon Trail.  Towards the far end of the trail, where there are … Continue reading Heather Harbord – “Willingdon Beach Trail”

Heather Harbord – “McFall Creek Trail”

by Heather Harbord, 7 Jul 2020. Walking in the woods behind  the Complex, I noticed several prime clumps of Indian-Pipes (Monotropa uniflora) which all that rain has brought out.  Sometimes called ghost flowers, these white clumps, 5-25cm high, lack chlorophyll and have to feed on the nearby conifer trees via the fungi which connect their roots … Continue reading Heather Harbord – “McFall Creek Trail”

Tom Koleszar – “The new March Lake trail”

by Tom Koleszar, 18 May 2020. In mid May we walked most of the new March Lake trail. This is a new section of the Sunshine Coast Trail constructed last Fall to go around the north and west sides of March Lake, and part of it goes through an old growth forest. This forest is … Continue reading Tom Koleszar – “The new March Lake trail”

Tom Koleszar – “Lost Lake”

by Tom Koleszar, 5 May 2020. In early May we walked into Lost Lake to look at the bogs along the shore, and especially to see the flowering Bog Laurel (also known as Swamp Laurel). We were not disappointed – their pink flowers were in full glory!  The shore of Lost Lake is easily accessible … Continue reading Tom Koleszar – “Lost Lake”