We like to get up, and get out and about!  In the past we’ve

  • explored the intertidal reef off Hernando Island
  • wondered at the tidepools of Texada
  • helicoptered into a snowfield
  • chased endangered rodents on Mount Washington
  • marveled at the diversity and elegance of dragonflies
  • and many, many more!

Important things to remember?

  • dress for the day.  Wear appropriate clothing and ensure that you’re physically capable of undertaking the trip.  Bring what you need (hats, gloves, raingear, lunch, water, suitable footwear, sunglasses, sunblock, backpacks, camera, binoculars).  And be prepared to pack it all out again.
  • because our trips are intended to encourage closer human contact with nature, we enforce a strict “no pets on field-trips” rule.
  • we strive to ensure safety, but please note that all who attend our field trips do so at their own risk.
  • in addition to club membership, many of our trips also require pre-registration and pre-payment in order to reserve a seat.

So.  Ready to sign up?  Join us!


A few from earlier field trips…
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