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Toba Inlet

by Barbara Sherriff and others, 9-10 August 2014. Twelve of us took a two-day voyage up Homfray Channel, Desolation Sound, and Toba Inlet aboard the trusty Misty Isles, with Captain Mike Moore at the helm. I asked everyone what their personal highlights were.  Here’s what I learned… Jane Lying in the bowsprit the colour of the water … Continue reading Toba Inlet

Cortez Island Geology

by Tom Koleszar, 26 July 2014. Twelve naturalists, led by our own Barbara Sherriff, boarded the Misty Isles with Captain Mike Moore for a day-long geological tour of Hernando, Twin, and Cortes Islands. We first cruised past Hernando Island before landing at Iron Point at the south end of Twin Islands, where we had ample opportunity … Continue reading Cortez Island Geology

Texada Tidepools

by Lu Wuthrich, 13 July 2014. Eleven of the naturalists group had the pleasure of exploring the intertidal zone at Limekiln Bay on Sunday, July 13th. The weather was wonderful and a low tide provided an opportunity for three hours of fun turning over rocks and digging bivalves on the sandy part of the beach. The rock formations … Continue reading Texada Tidepools

Twigs and more Part II

by Heidi Rohard, 7 June 2014. This Saturday was a perfect day for a stroll in the woods: big, beautiful sunshine! Five of us joined our plant expert, Shirley Cole, for a follow-up field trip to Squirrel Crossing to see the bushes, trees and other flora which we had visited earlier this year and are now in their … Continue reading Twigs and more Part II

Mitlenatch Island

  by nobody, 31 May 2014.   

Birding by ear Part IV

Curious black bear - A. Bryant photo

by Janet May, 10 May 2014. Ten members met Pierre Geoffray at the Italian Hall in Wildwood and immediately we began listening for birds. We encountered several migrant flocks passing through the area. Warblers of many varieties sang out, and we were delighted to spot orange-crowned, black-throated grey, and Townsend’s as well as a warbling vireo … Continue reading Birding by ear Part IV

Wildflower ID and photography tips

by David Bedry, 3 May 2014. On Saturday I led a small group to view the spring wildflowers at Dinner Rock.  We saw quite a few wild flowers, had a good walk and made some new friends.  It was an enjoyable day out as always.

Twigs and more with Shirley Cole

by Heidi Rohard, 20 February 2014. Shirley Cole led a group of seven on a nature walk along some Squirrel Crossing trails. She pointed out to us various twigs, such as huckleberry, hardhack, salmonberry and pacific crabapple.  We learned the difference between a yew and a hemlock and can now identify bunchberry, oregon grape and salal. … Continue reading Twigs and more with Shirley Cole

Princess Louisa Inlet

by Heather Harbord, 5 November 2013. Eleven of us boarded John Dafoe’s comfortable power boat at the government dock at Saltery Bay.  As we drew into Hotham Sound,  we saw the hump and dorsal fin of a humpback whale.  As we lingered to watch several of us got good pictures of the fin, the blow and … Continue reading Princess Louisa Inlet


by Michael Stewart, 20 October 2013. Twenty-nine eager participants arrived to learn about Mushrooms from Izi Loveluck.  We met and carpooled from the Town Center Mall or the south end of Duck Lake Road and travelled to Squirrel Crossing. We walked the short distance to the bridge crossing the river and then Izi gave us a … Continue reading Mushrooms

Lang Creek salmon

by Heidi Rohard, 5 October 2013.  A group of 15 club members met at the Lang Creek spawning channel on Saturday.  The weather was overcast, but dry and not too cold.  Michael Stewart started off by explaining the work that had been done by volunteers of the Powell River Garden Club, creating a beautiful setting of … Continue reading Lang Creek salmon