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Alpine Adventure #5 – Slide Mountain

by Tom Koleszar, 8 August 2022 Our scheduled field trip day of August 6 had beautiful weather, however, our helicopter was taken to fight wildfires near Bute Inlet, so we could not go! After much discussion and planning and rescheduling, we managed to get a full trip up to Slide Mountain two days later – still … Continue reading Alpine Adventure #5 – Slide Mountain

Desolation Sound (aboard the Misty Isles)

by Howard and Lois Bridger, 23 July 2022 Leaving Lund at full capacity with twelve passengers, our Captain Jonas and assistant Tosh. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. The temperature was perfect and the few clouds were scattered over the mountain tops. We motored around Sarah Pt., past the Curme Islands to Prideaux Haven … Continue reading Desolation Sound (aboard the Misty Isles)

Powell Lake’s Natural and Not So Natural History

by Nancy Pezel and Tom Koleszar, 10 July 2022 We conducted this trip on two separate days aboard the Tla’amin Braves II with Captain Bryce.  The weather was OK on both days, just a brief shower on Sunday afternoon.  The lake was relatively calm and the clouds generally high enough to see the surrounding hilltops, if … Continue reading Powell Lake’s Natural and Not So Natural History

Low tide exploration (aboard the Misty Isles)

by Howard and Lois Bridger, 26 June 2022 It was a fair weather day as the Misty Isles, with Captain Jonas, naturalist George Sirk and a full contingent of twelve naturalists headed out from land towards Hernando Reef. Bird sightings included, a pair of rarely seen Caspian Terns, a Peregrine Falcon, Kingfisher, Harlequin Ducks, Purple Martins, … Continue reading Low tide exploration (aboard the Misty Isles)

Streams and Trees

by Tom Koleszar, 29 May 2022 Fifteen club members headed into the back country to learn about riparian areas and find some big trees.  After leaving Lang Bay, we drove for an hour to get to the canoe route portage at the head of Windsor Lake.  Here we parked and walked the ~1km route down … Continue reading Streams and Trees

Mitlenatch (aboard the Misty Isles)

by Sharon Shultz, 7 May 2022 The Misty Isles, her Captain Jonas Fineman and Naturalist George Sirk picked us up at the Lund Marina and took us on a lovely day trip to Mitlenatch Island. Twenty seven (27) species of birds were spotted during our trip. The camas, monkey flowers and sea blush were in full … Continue reading Mitlenatch (aboard the Misty Isles)

Mrs and Mr Moss – getting to know them

by Tom Koleszar, 1 May 2022 Fifteen of us gathered at the Inland Lake parking area to begin to get to know the mosses of this area with trip leader Rod Tysdal.  Rod is a retired forester, and spent the last few months delving into the world of mosses – buying new books and dusting … Continue reading Mrs and Mr Moss – getting to know them

Birding by Ear (Part XI)

by Andrew Bryant, 30 Apr 2022 Nine of us gathered at the Italian Hall to marvel at the wonders of spring migration – with an expert. Iwan van Veen was at the top of his game and I think we had 20+ species before leaving the parking lot.  He kept careful track and by days end … Continue reading Birding by Ear (Part XI)

Lang Bay Hatchery and Nature Garden

by David Bedry, 17 October 2021 We met at Lang creek on a drizzly morning where we were met by Phil and Tesarlatwo of the hatchery’s staff.  With our overnight down pour they had been up all night.  They had been monitoring the rising creek levels and keeping the water intake for the building free … Continue reading Lang Bay Hatchery and Nature Garden