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Marmots on Mount Washington

Actually this is 7 year-old male Vancouver Island marmot tag #326-327. His name is "Troy". - A. Bryant

by Andrew Bryant, 19 July 2012. Sixteen of us made the first Queen of Burnaby sailing at 8:10 AM.  The day began with clear skies, calm water and great promise… From Little River we car-pooled up the winding road to Mount Washington Alpine Resort, where we ascended to the summit via the ski chair-lift.  Not only was this method much … Continue reading Marmots on Mount Washington

Birding by canoe

By Heidi Rohard, 5 June 2012.  The rain started in the afternoon, but it was light and there was no wind, making it pleasant enough for 10 birders to meet at Lindsay Park.  We walked around the park for a bit, but birds and other wildlife were pretty elusive except for some violet green swallows flitting … Continue reading Birding by canoe

Mitlenatch Island

The Misty Isles sets sail from Lund - H. Harbord photo

By Heather Harbord, 2 June 2012. Ten members boarded the Misty Isles at Lund at 10 am and motored to Mitlenatch over calm seas as the wind did not warrant raising the sails.  Half the group went ashore while the other half circumnavigated the island by zodiac.  Although we saw both California and Steller’s sea lions … Continue reading Mitlenatch Island

Douglas fir ecosystems

By Janet Alred, 20 May 2012.  Following the talk the evening before by Sari Saunders and Heather Klassen, Ministry of Forest Research Ecologists for the south coast, based out of Nanaimo along with Andy McKinnon, about 9 people large and small drove to Stillwater to examine the transition between Douglas Fir ecosystem and the Western Hemlock … Continue reading Douglas fir ecosystems

Goats and the Eldred River

by Janet Aldred, 25 March 2012.  Clyde Burton led nineteen of us to the lookout on Goat Lake where we saw the horns, eyes and splendid white coats of two Mountain Goats very clearly through Sharon Godkin’s excellent telescope.  Other dots may have been goats. Then we progressed down the hill and on to Mile 34 where a … Continue reading Goats and the Eldred River

Naked Eye Star-gazing

By Janet Alred, 22 November 2011. On Tuesday Christine Woolcott met with six would-be star gazers for an indoor get acquainted session.  Using simplified diagrams, Christine showed us how to use Orion to find Taurus, the Pleiades, Auricula (?), Capella and her three goats, Castor and Pollux, Procyon and Sirius. A few nights later we went … Continue reading Naked Eye Star-gazing

Rambling with Clyde Part II (seabirds)

by Andrew Bryant, 16 November 2011.  Our resident naturalist, Clyde Burton, took seven members to Gibson’s Beach and Sliammon waterfront on Wednesday.  Gibson’s Beach produced three herons in the trees and Glaucous-winged gulls almost at our feet.  We stayed only long enough to separate the different age groups. At Sliammon we saw several hundreds of gulls, the majority … Continue reading Rambling with Clyde Part II (seabirds)