Category: 2019-2020 trips

Lang Creek Fish Hatchery and Native Plant Garden

by Paul Miniato, 6 Oct 2019 A warm sun pushed through the clouds as about 15 of us began our tour of the Hatchery.  David Bedry explained how the operation of the facility meshed with the lifecycle of the salmon. Needing different water temperatures, the various species – except Sockeye, which can’t spawn in this watershed … Continue reading Lang Creek Fish Hatchery and Native Plant Garden

Mushroom forage – 2019

by Nancy Pezel 29 Sept 2019 Sixteen members met at Squirrel Crossing on this perfect fall day to learn about mushrooms.  After handing out an introduction to mushrooms and showing us a stack of reference books she suggested to help with identification, Izi Loveluck guided us up a loop trail to point out examples of a … Continue reading Mushroom forage – 2019