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Maurelle Island

by Heather Harbord, 31 August – 1 September 2009. There are only certain tides in the summer that will allow Captain Mike Moore and the Misty Isles to do this circumnavigation.   We were picked us up in Lund, and we sailed through Baker’s Pass and up the west side of Cortes after stopping to admire our sails from … Continue reading Maurelle Island

A trip to Texada

Flooded quarry on Texada - A. Bryant

by Sherri Wretham, 23 June 2009.  Long-time Club member and local naturalist John Dove led a group of us around to experience the sights and history of lovely Texada Island.

Return to Toba Inlet

by Heather Harbord, 17 June 2009. We were fortunate to repeat our 2007 journey to Toba Inlet, courtesy of Captain Mike and the ever trusty Misty Isles. Again we stopped to admire the pictographs, and got wet when Mike poked the bow of our craft under the big waterfall at the entrance to Toba Inlet. Then spectacular … Continue reading Return to Toba Inlet


by Sherri Wretham, 6 June 2009. Long-time club member Heather led a leisurely ramble along the beach to watch birds, explore the seashore life, and enjoy the sunshine!

Mitlenatch with Mike Moore and the Misty Isles

Stellers and California sea lions at Mitlenatch Island - H. Harbord

by Heather Harbord, 31 May 2009. In what has become somewhat of a Club tradition, Captain Mike Moore took us aboard the Misty Isles and we set our for Mitlenatch Island. We followed our usual routine, with half of the group going ashore to see the nesting areas through the newly-constructed bird blind, and the other half … Continue reading Mitlenatch with Mike Moore and the Misty Isles

Spring wildflowers

by Sherri Wretham, 20 May 2009. Long-standing Club member and flower-passionate Shirley Cole took us out for a walk to see what was in bloom. As it turns out, rather a lot of things were!

Marine invasive species

by Sherri Wretham, 27 March 2009. As a follow-up to his fascinating talk the previous evening, Dr. Graham Gillespie of the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo took us out for a hike along the seashore to hunt to for invaders…and we were surprised to learn that they’re everywhere! Fortunately for us, we learned that our shores … Continue reading Marine invasive species

Birding trip to spawning grounds

by Sherri Wretham, 15 March 2009. The day after our day of “ear-birding”, Pierre again led us, this time traveling by ferry to see the herring spawn at Comox, and the incredible birding results!

Birding by ear

Yellow-rumped warbler - A. Bryant

by Sherri Wretham, 14 March 2009. Master birder Pierre took a group of members out to hone their “ear-birding” skills with the early spring migrants.

Mushroom hunt

by Sherri Wretham, 28 October 2008. Long-time Club member Christine Woolcott again showed off her prowess with finding mushrooms, and knowing the difference between those that are edible…and most importantly, those that are not!  

Bute Inlet grizzly tour

by Heather Harbord, 27-29 September 2008. Bute Inlet BearTour.  This was our second tour to see the Grizzly Bears.  Aboard Misty Isles, we departed Lund at 9:00am and sailed up to Orford River in Bute Inlet.  We dropped our gear at the Homalco logging camp and hopped on their bus for a wild ride to where … Continue reading Bute Inlet grizzly tour