Mitlenatch with Mike Moore and the Misty Isles

Stellers and California sea lions at Mitlenatch Island - H. Harbord

Mitlenatch with Mike Moore and the Misty Isles
by Heather Harbord, 31 May 2009.

In what has become somewhat of a Club tradition, Captain Mike Moore took us aboard the Misty Isles and we set our for Mitlenatch Island.

We followed our usual routine, with half of the group going ashore to see the nesting areas through the newly-constructed bird blind, and the other half circumnavigating the island thanks to  Mike’s zodiac inflatable and seafaring skills.  We saw both Califonia and Steller’s sea lions, nesting cormorants and pigeon guillimots.

The groups switched halfway through the day, so participants got to experience both the aquatic and the terrestrial marvels!