Mitlenatch (aboard the Misty Isles)

Mitlenatch (aboard the Misty Isles)
by Sharon Shultz
, 7 May 2022

The Misty Isles, her Captain Jonas Fineman and Naturalist George Sirk picked us up at the Lund Marina and took us on a lovely day trip to Mitlenatch Island. Twenty seven (27) species of birds were spotted during our trip. The camas, monkey flowers and sea blush were in full bloom as well as many other plants. The weather held until we returned to Lund. Twelve club members enjoyed this trip and each other’s company for the day. Here are some of their comments:

● Impressions of the trip:
○ Very knowledgeable guide and captain which added so much fun and interest to the trip.
○ The trip was very well organized and we were very well informed about safety as well as where we were going.
○ Very relaxing and laid back.
○ Amazing trip, gorgeous scenery, knowledgeable guides.
○ Can’t wait to go on the next wonderful Misty Isles trip. I learned so much in such an entertaining way from George.
○ My third trip to Mitlenatch Island and continues to be amazing…new info, new friends, fabulous.
○ Wonderful trip, George gave a wonderful explanation of the gulls, how they train their chicks and how they protect their property (spot).
○ My third trip on “Misty”, interesting conversation, a lovely day as usual.

● One thing I learned was:
○ What the Camas was used by First Nations & How seagulls breed.
○ Camas bulbs were edible and used by natives for many years.
○ The difference between Pelagic and Double Crested Cormorants is that at breeding time the Pelagic have white feathers which show when they fly.
○ Learned how to recognize Blue Camas and Death Camas and also sea blush.
○ Red dot on seagull’s nose is chick bullseye to peck and cause regurgitation of food.
○ The hierarchy and separation of species while living in close proximity to each other.
○ Plant life was very diverse – much more than I imagined. I was surprised to see the prickly pear cactus. Would love to make many more trips to witness the various flower seasons. Also loved learning about the history of the island. Loved George’s stories about his experiences on the island as well as his knowledge about the flora and fauna.