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Mitlenatch day-trip

by Winnie Ferrier, 24 August 2021 Eleven of us arrived at 10:00 am in Lund to meet Misty Isles for a day on Mitlenatch.  The day was sunny and the ocean calm. After a safety talk by Jonas, our skipper, we were underway.  As we journeyed we were given archeological and historical facts of Mitlenatch by … Continue reading Mitlenatch day-trip

Alpine Adventure #4 – Ironface

by Tom Koleszar, 14 August 2021 After being rained out last week, we got out today.  The wildfire smoke threatened, but we were largely clear in the mountains further from the coast. Twenty members were landed by helicopter at 1660 metres elevation in the meadows between Ironface Peak and Mount Alfred.  The weather was sunny and … Continue reading Alpine Adventure #4 – Ironface

Misty Isles low tide trip

by Tom Koleszar, 24 July 2021 On a nice sunny day, 9 naturalists set sail with Captain Jonas and Naturalist George Sirk on the Misty Isles for a tour of the Hernando Reefs on a very low tide. On the way they passed by Major Rock with all its bird and marine life.  Many different species … Continue reading Misty Isles low tide trip

Life’s a beach

by Tom Koleszar, 18 July 2021 After being postponed due to heat two weeks ago, we finally got to go on our beach field trip on Sunday.  The tide was nice and low, and the day warm and sunny (but not too hot!) Michael Stewart lead us on a walk along the beach at Lang Bay, … Continue reading Life’s a beach

Desolation Sound

by Pat Karis, 13 June 2021 Eight Malaspina Naturalists arrived at Lund to take a boat trip to Desolation Sound.  Our captain ”extra-ordinairre” Jonas shared with us that he had left Whale Town on Cortez Island, that morning, 2 and a half hours prior to arriving in Lund…at 9:45. After a few minutes of instruction around … Continue reading Desolation Sound

Fun with ferns

by Tom Koleszar, 5 June 2021 On Saturday eight intrepid members of the Naturalist Club braved the weather to explore the world of ferns with trip leader Rod Tysdal. Rod is a retired forester, and he dusted off a lot of his old knowledge – and even bought a new book – to prepare for this … Continue reading Fun with ferns

Birding by Ear – Part X

by Andrew Bryant, 8 May 2021 Some field-trips will be remembered for being “pre COVID” and some will be remembered as being “post COVID”.   And frankly, birds don’t care. Accordingly, Pierre and I took 8 members over 7 km of uneven terrain and had a great day over an area formerly known as the “Wildwood … Continue reading Birding by Ear – Part X

March Lake old-growth

by Nancy Pezel, 27 Sep 2020 After about an hour’s drive up logging roads, 13 members enjoyed a leisurely walk along a newly constructed portion of the Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT) just north of March Lake.  The overcast skies provided perfect conditions for hiking and photography. After walking approximately 15 m off an existing logging road, … Continue reading March Lake old-growth