Birding by Ear – Part X

Birding by Ear – Part X
by Andrew Bryant
, 8 May 2021

Some field-trips will be remembered for being “pre COVID” and some will be remembered as being “post COVID”.   And frankly, birds don’t care.

Accordingly, Pierre and I took 8 members over 7 km of uneven terrain and had a great day over an area formerly known as the “Wildwood Bluffs”. Pierre writes: “It was a good outing the other day. People seemed more focused than in the past and there was real interest in learning something out of it.”

I don’t have a species/abundance list.  I was supposed to get one via e-Bird, but…it didn’t happen.  UPDATE 10 July 2021: It took a while, but here it is!

So here you get one person’s impression of a fine day out.  And it WAS…a fine day out.   I’m not a “bad” birder…but placed side by side by Pierre, well we would have gotten the common stuff…but would have missed most of it!

Accordingly, next year we’ll be starting a wee bit earlier…at 0630.