Return to Toba Inlet

Return to Toba Inlet
by Heather Harbord, 17 June 2009.

We were fortunate to repeat our 2007 journey to Toba Inlet, courtesy of Captain Mike and the ever trusty Misty Isles.

Again we stopped to admire the pictographs, and got wet when Mike poked the bow of our craft under the big waterfall at the entrance to Toba Inlet.

Then spectacular double waterfall at Racine Creek never fails to impress, and more people got wet.

As usual we stayed at the wonderful Toba Wildernest Resort, where we ate extremely well.  Captain Mike again showed his exceptional culinary skills.   The two days aboard ship and one night at Toba Wildernest cost (including GST) was the same as last time: $305 per person in cabin accommodations (for 10) and $280 per person for campers (2).