Twigs and more Part II

Twigs and more Part II
by Heidi Rohard, 7 June 2014.

This Saturday was a perfect day for a stroll in the woods: big, beautiful sunshine!

Five of us joined our plant expert, Shirley Cole, for a follow-up field trip to Squirrel Crossing to see the bushes, trees and other flora which we had visited earlier this year and are now in their spring foliage.

It was a very easy walk because at every step of the path there was something to learn about, either high up such as the large cascara and Pacific crabapple, further down salal and twinberry,  and at ground level trailing blackberry, various ferns and skunk cabbage. Shirley pointed out characteristics of plants, some of them minute, that will help us with identification.

The morning was enjoyable and informative; Shirley is so interesting to listen to.  The challenge now is to remember what hardhack, ninebark and lady fern look like.