Donna Moseanko – “Wildwood Queens”

Donna Moseanko – “Wildwood Queens”
by Michael Stewart, 19 Apr 2018.

Donna Moseanko of “Wildwood Queens” gave a fascinating talk on the life of bees and their importance in our ecosystems.

Donna became interested in bees after being mesmerized by a swarm at her bee keeping father’s home. After learning about keeping bees from him and then other beekeepers, she started “Wildwood Queens” here in Powell River.   She’s just completed her Beemasters course at UBC.

Donna described to us the life cycles and functions of the different members of a hive from the babies to the Queen.  She even enacted the emergence of a baby bee from its cell.  The amazing communications of bees was also described.

One of Donna’s main goals is to raise healthy queens.  One of the techniques she uses is instrumental insemination and she described how this is done.

Donna is fervent about the role of bees in our ecosystems and how to nurture bee populations.