Updated Christmas Bird Count Results

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Results, 2004-2014
By Andrew Bryant
31 Dec 2014

Since 2004, Clyde Burton, John Treen, Heather Harbord and others have organized our members to participate in the long-running Audubon Christmas Bird Count.  This magnificent example of “citizen-science” has now been running for over 114 years, and has led to literally thousands of of scientific papers and greatly improved understanding of bird population trends across the continent.

In Canada, the program is coordinated by Bird Studies Canada, and you can find and download recent and historical data through the Audubon data  portal here.

I did just that, and thought that providing a summary of our local results over time might provide a useful additional resource for the ornithologically-inclined!

Here they are:  Powell River Christmas Bird Count Results 2004-2014