Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve

Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve
by Andrew Bryant, 27 Apr

Well, we’ve talked about doing this trip for years – and finally did it.  Thirteen of us took the Saltery Bay ferry and shuttled to the trailhead using “Tom’s Uber” .  We walked a couple of km along a well-maintained trail to Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve – and then the music died.

Ambrose Lake proved to be a very nice lake.  With no trail around it.   And if indeed this ecological reserve has “bog charactistics” as the relevant on-line documents indicate, well we didn’t see any of them.

So instead of that nice bouncy feeling of walking upon a floating mass of sphagnum moss and finding those delightful insectivorous plants such as Sundews or Pitcher plants…we just turned around and walked back…

Highlights?   The Osprey was nice.  The Black-throated grey warblers (heard but not seen) were nice.  The view from the ferry was nice.
It was a nice day out.   But as a field-trip?

Well, I don’t think we’ll be planning to do it again anytime soon.