Help Us!

by Andrew Bryant, 18 April 2014

Who doesn’t like homemade cookies?

We’re a small club.  Our membership has grown from about ~110 members in 2010 to ~150  since.

Despite being small, there’s lots of work involved in organizing field trips, inviting speakers, keeping members advised about upcoming events, compiling photographs from past events, keeping email addresses current, transporting a heavy ladder to the Purple Martin colony at Myrtle Rocks, making cookies and serving tea for our meetings…

Well…you get the picture…

Moving ladders in aid of Purple Martins, 2013

We need YOUR help!

Know somebody who’d be a great Invited Speaker?

Feel like baking a batch of cookies?

Are you great with kids, or knowledgeable about starfish?

Need an excuse to get out of the house?

If you feel you’d like to become more involved….just ask!