Mike Moore – “Pacific Giant Octopus”

Mike Moore – “Pacific Giant Octopus”
by Andrew Bryant, 23 Sept 2021.

Mike Moore, who many members will remember as the former owner and skipper of the Misty Isles, returned to speak again to speak to us at our first event held in our new venue at the Royal Canadian Legion.

We began with a short  (15 minute) Annual General Meeting (the AGM minutes are here).  We had a few hiccups as we learned the “lay of the land” and  employed our new Covid-19 protocols.  Then  we dimmed the lights, Mike took over and we entered the world of a genuine sea monster, the Pacific Giant Octopus.  The old adage that  “truth is stranger than fiction”, is indeed especially true of these guys!

The color-changing, jet- propelling giant Pacific octopus is a brainy beauty that can disappear in the blink of an eye. Its magic tricks are surprising.  They’re strong,  and can open jars and crab traps.  They’re big (the record is about 600 pounds), but can squeeze into amazing small spaces.

Welsome back Mike, and thanks for a wonderful talk!

Here’s a nice little 5 minute video about the world’s largest octupus, courtesy of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  You need to hit the “play” button to see it.  Note that there’s another button that will allow you to see it in “full screen” mode (recommended).