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Tide pools

Pisater ochraceous sea stars - G. Robertson photo

by Janet Southcott, 15 June 2011.  For the second time since the club was created, we ventured down to the shoreline below the Sea Walk on an extremely low tide to look in the tidal pools and find some fantastic creatures that show nature has fun with colours and shapes.  We found fish, sculpins, in jazzy … Continue reading Tide pools


This is what a geocache actually looks like - P. Clements photo

by Janet Southcott, 9 April 2011.   We went on a hike through the woods around Powell River Recreation Complex, led by Bonnie Kent.  This was an introduction to geocaching.  The children learned to use GPS units to find caches.  Then they created and hid their own. It was a lot of fun and we saw many … Continue reading Geocaching

Whales, dolphins and porpoises with Susan MacKay

Orca breaching - L.B. Lennard

by Janet Southcott, 22 January 2011. The Young Naturalists met at Trinity Hall (United Church). Susan MacKay, who well known in whale circles, returned to teach children all all whales, porpoises and dolphins! They learned lots, especially about what to do if you see something BIG swimming through our local waters.  Be sure to report your … Continue reading Whales, dolphins and porpoises with Susan MacKay