Category: 2016-2017 events

Tide Pool Treasures

  by Janet May, 29 April 2017. Despite the wind and rain, Young Naturalists followed the herons and the tide down the Westview beach. Lu and Heather helped identify everything from eel grass to kelp crabs. They found three kinds of starfish, three kinds on anemone, and maybe an eel! What a great morning!  

Tuari meets the kids

  by Janet May, 22 April 2017. A dozen Young Naturalists, their families and a few passers-by got to meet Jessica Baynton and Tuari-the-Hawk. Believe it or not, their job is at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).  As part of a team, they work to keep airplanes and birds safely apart.  It’s a job that requires skill, … Continue reading Tuari meets the kids

5th Christmas Bird Count for Kids

by Janet May, 3 December 2016. The 5th Powell River Christmas Bird Count for kids was led by elder birders Clyde Burton, John Treen, and Andrew Bryant. The kids quickly took charge of spotting scopes, and we were treated to the usual fare: herons, loons, surf scoters, killdeer, and a bald eagle flying by, maybe doing … Continue reading 5th Christmas Bird Count for Kids