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Banding Purple Martins


by Elizabeth Tenhoeve, 14 July 2012. Among other things, Andrew Bryant is the local coordinator for the Purple Martin nest box project at Myrtle Rocks.  He invited the Young Naturalists along while Bruce Cousens, Charlene Lee and he collected nestlings from the nest boxes to be banded.  It was great fun, many of the children were … Continue reading Banding Purple Martins

Mason Bees and more


by Janet Southcott, 14 April 2012. We visited a gentleman south of town, Don Boese, who is a minefield full of information about mason bees. He showed a video of how to keep mason bees then helped us make mason bee boxes.  Everybody took a box home and hopefully there are many more mason bee homes … Continue reading Mason Bees and more

Strolling with sea-lions

WHAT’S THE RACKET?: Sea lions gathering on the breakwater off the shore of Townsite have been attracting some residents and repelling others lately with their grunts, growls and barks. - Powell River Peak photo

by Janet Southcott, 3 Dec 2011.  We met to find the sea lions down near the mill and also explore what other wildlife lives along the shore there, such as seals and winter birds.

Shoreline birds

Hulks and surf scoters

by Janet Southcott, 15 Nov 2011. We went down to the Hulks, at the south end of Catalyst Paper Corporation mill and looked at the Californian and Steller Sea Lions in the log-sorting area.  We were lucky to see both species together as it was easy to tell them apart.  We also saw shoreline birds such … Continue reading Shoreline birds