Category: 2014-2015 events

What’s in the water?

What’s in the water? by Janet May, 1 August 2015 What’s in the water? Young Naturalists’ families investigated the invertebrates of McGuffie Creek and found mayfly, caddis larvae, and other tiny creatures. Alan Hobson directed the dip-nets and magnification of our watery friends and then they were all returned to the cool riffles.  

Bats and bat houses

Bats and Bat Houses by Janet May, 20 June 2015 The Young Naturalists gathered around Willingdon’s picnic tables to build bat boxes.  Seventeen children and their families constructed pre-cut boxes under the guidance of John Treen.  Then they took them home.  Now the local bat population is benefiting from the enthusiasm of the young and … Continue reading Bats and bat houses

3rd Christmas Bird Count for Kids!

Christmas Bird Count for Kids! by Andrew Bryant, 6 December 2014 For the third year in a row,  the Young Naturalists participated in the Christmas Bird Count for Kids.  Although not an official Audubon event, it’s a great excuse for families to get out and about, learn some new birds and socialize with others. Nicely … Continue reading 3rd Christmas Bird Count for Kids!

Purple martin banding part III

by Andrew Bryant, 9 Aug 2014. Scheduling conflicts prevented our Young Naturalists from attending this event.  But a few members (thanks Clyde Burton!) stepped up to the plate and provided some on-the-ground support. As usual I snapped a few images. Thanks as always to Bruce Cousens and Charlene Lee of Nanaimo, and their technician Julia … Continue reading Purple martin banding part III