Andrew Bryant – “Looking for hibernating bats in the South Okanagan”

Andrew Bryant – “Looking for hibernating bats in the South Okanagan”
by Andrew Bryant, 20 Apr 2023.

After cancellation of another speaker, Andrew stepped up, rummaged through his slide collection yet again, and came to speak to us about hibernating bats.

Way back in the dark ages (1988), it turns out that he was hired to look for bats…within abandoned gold mines.  To say this was a “strange job” would be to put things mildly.  Water hazards, spiders, strange fungus, graffiti…and yes the occasional bat!




Bats and bat houses

Bats and Bat Houses
by Janet May, 20 June 2015

The Young Naturalists gathered around Willingdon’s picnic tables to build bat boxes.  Seventeen children and their families constructed pre-cut boxes under the guidance of John Treen.  Then they took them home.  Now the local bat population is benefiting from the enthusiasm of the young and elder naturalists.


Morgan Black – “Bats”

Morgan Black – “Bats”
by Heather Harbord, February 21, 2008.

Morgan Black talked about Bats.  A nature lover since she could walk, at university she focused on biology, ecology and zoology.  Her undergraduate thesis project was on bats, specifically their habitat requirements in our climate.  Bats have become near and dear to Morgan, so she had begun volunteering her time giving lecture and presentations on building artificial bat habitat.

Morgan believes that public involvement and education is crucial to conserving nature.  Her goal is to spread the word for bat conservation in a way that inspires public interest and stewardship.   She shared numerous plans for building bat boxes, which can be found here.