Winter Twigs and Greens

Winter Twigs and Greens
by Nancy Pezel, 25
February 2017.

A small but enthusiastic group of our members spent a couple of hours enjoying a walk along some of the trails off McLeod Road.

There the group learned how to identify western yew and western hemlock, how to differentiate between alder and cherry, that true firs have needles with notched tips, and that Cascara has naked buds. We also saw a variety of native shrubs including Bald-hip rose, salmonberry, thimbleberry, salal, Oregon grape, Spirea and Pacific Ninebark.

After working up a bit of an appetite, we enjoyed hotdogs on the campfire and the peaceful scenery of Hammill Lake before heading back up the trail and home.

Twigs and more with Shirley Cole

Twigs and more with Shirley Cole
by Heidi Rohard, 20 February 2014.

Shirley Cole led a group of seven on a nature walk along some Squirrel Crossing trails.

She pointed out to us various twigs, such as huckleberry, hardhack, salmonberry and pacific crabapple.  We learned the difference between a yew and a hemlock and can now identify bunchberry, oregon grape and salal.

This walk was very enjoyable (not too cold) and we appreciate Shirley’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

A follow-up trip is planned for April to revisit the trails and see these shrubs and trees in spring foliage.  This trip was a repeat of one held some years ago and some of the people who went then have expressed interest in the April version.