A Seaside Amble

A Seaside Amble
by David Bedry, 15 June 2019.  

With an array of field guides in hand, David Bedry and a small group of parents and Young Naturalists explored the tide pools below the Westview viewpoint.

Three parents with four children had a great time wading and splashing in the tide pools with dip nets, using collection jars to show off their finds.  The most popular creatures were small crabs, but they also found some sculpins and a few flatfish.

Towards the end everyone made it down to the water where one of the parents waded out and found a sea star and jellyfish.

A wonderful morning enjoyed by all!

Bird watching with Clyde

Bird watching with Clyde
by Janet May, 28 Oct

Clyde Burton led Young Naturalist bird enthusiasts to the estuary where we crept up on a dozen killdeer and saw a rare Eurasian widgeon!

Clyde had egg samples for all to feel and a hooded merganser.

As we said goodbye, a kingfisher scolded us and a pair of eagles twittered their approval.

Water Dragons!

Water Dragons!
by Janet May, 12 
May 2018.

Stream biologist Alan Hobson showed the Young Naturalists how to find and identify stream invertebrates.

We peaked through the microscope at the mayfly’s tiny translucent body and her earnest black eyes watched us right back.

We learned that delicate dragons live in Willingdon Creek.

Young Nats build bird houses

Young Nats build bird houses
by Janet May, 31 
Mar 2018.

It sounded like Santa’s workshop at Willingdon campsite when Young Naturalists hammered together, and it was all for the birds.

Thank you to David Bedry for cutting pieces and teaching us how to construct seventeen new homes for spring families.

Thanks also to Pat Hull and RONA Powell River Building Supplies for donating the wood and nails – we appreciate it!