Category: 2014-2015 Speakers

Stephen Johnston – “Spain: Rocks, Romans and Rioja”

by Andrew Bryant, 21 May 2015.  Dr. Stephen Johnston, professor of geology at the University of Victoria, took us on a lively and all-encompassing journey to Spain. Based on his extensive knowledge of Pangea, that supercontinent formed by wandering tectonic plates some 350 million years ago, Stephen gave a wonderful example of how everything is … Continue reading Stephen Johnston – “Spain: Rocks, Romans and Rioja”

Neil Hughes – “Spring migration on the Isle of Lesvos”

Black and White Bunting, Lesvos, Greece - N. Hughes

by Andrew Bryant, 21 Apr 2015.  Neil is a Powell River-based forester during regular business hours, and a keen birder and globe-trotter at all other times.  In 2010 he travelled to the Greek island of Lesvos (or Lesbos) to experience spring migration there. And what an experience it was!  After the difficulty of getting there … Continue reading Neil Hughes – “Spring migration on the Isle of Lesvos”

Tom Koleszar – “Exploring the Burgess Shale”

Anomalocaris, the "strange shrimp" that is not a shrimp at all, but makes for a lovely Cambrian poster-child - National Science Foundation image

by Andrew Bryant, 19 Mar 2015.  Tom Koleszar, geologist and vice-president of our club, took us on a sweeping, half-billion year-old exploration of the Burgess Shale. This extraordinary rock formation, located in Yoho and Kootenay National Parks in the Canadian Rockies, contains one of the world’s richest deposits of fossils.  It is renowned for the quality of … Continue reading Tom Koleszar – “Exploring the Burgess Shale”

Tamsin Baker – “Herons and Dunes”

by Andrew Bryant, 26 Feb 2015.  Tamsin Baker holds degrees in Animal Ecology (from UBC) and Environmental Management (from Royal Roads).   She presently serves as Stewardship Coordinator with the South Coast Conservation Program, which is a portal that connects small, local, project-oriented groups with governments and scientific researchers.  Yes, and they arrange to talk to naturalist … Continue reading Tamsin Baker – “Herons and Dunes”

Bill Merilees – “Madagascar”

by Andrew Bryant, 22 Jan 2015.  Bill Merilees of Nanaimo is a prominent British Columbian naturalist, educator, activist, conservationist and author of books such as Attracting Backyard Wildlife and (with co-author C.P. Lyons) the updated version of Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in Washington and British Columbia. He recently visited Powell River to share some of … Continue reading Bill Merilees – “Madagascar”

Rod Tysdal & Chris Laing – “Sustainable forests”

by Andrew Bryant, 20 Nov 2014.  Professional forester Rod Tysdal, who works for the Powell River Community Forest, and Chris Laing, a forestry consultant and owner of Results Based Forest Management Limited, teamed up to provide a fascinating glimpse into the use of modern technology in order to manage our forests in a sustainable way. While … Continue reading Rod Tysdal & Chris Laing – “Sustainable forests”

Brian Lee – “Mushrooms”

by Andrew Bryant, 16 Oct 2014.  Brian Lee is a local resident, a member of the Sechelt Mycological Society, and all-around woodsman and master of bushcraft.  He gave a lively talk about our local mushrooms, including tips for field identification, potential pitfalls for the unwary, and interesting culinary tips. His talk was ably assisted by some … Continue reading Brian Lee – “Mushrooms”

Jane Watson – “Sea otters”

by Andrew Bryant, 25 Sep 2014.  Dr. Watson is Professor of Biology at Vancouver Island University, and is based in Nanaimo.  For over 25 years she has been actively studying the ecology of sea otters, those iconic mammals that also have the amazing ability to create and shape the environments in which they live! Sea otters … Continue reading Jane Watson – “Sea otters”