Category: 2013-2014 Speakers

Barbara Sherriff – “Arsenic and old waste”

by Andrew Bryant, 15 May 2014.  Dr. Barbara Sherriff spoke from her long experience as a Professor of Geology at the University of Manitoba.  Now re-located to Powell River, Barbara serves as our current Club President and reminds us that geological processes have not stopped. She spoke about the causes and some solutions for environmental … Continue reading Barbara Sherriff – “Arsenic and old waste”

Cedwyn Phillips – “South Georgia and Antarctica”

by Andrew Bryant, 23 Apr 2014.  Cedwyn is from London, England but now calls Powell River home. In 2010 he and his wife Peggy spent 18 nights aboard the M.V. Ocean Nova as it traveled from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Falklands Islands. From there they cruised south, touring several spots on South Georgia, before going even … Continue reading Cedwyn Phillips – “South Georgia and Antarctica”

David Atkinson – “Pacific Storms”

Nice surf at Long Beach - A. Bryant

by Andrew Bryant, 28 March 2014.  David Atkinson, a professor of Geography at the University of Victoria, provided an overview of storm activity in the North Pacific Ocean – types of storms, where they form, why they grow, where and how they travel, where they die, impacts they can exert, and particular features of the Pacific … Continue reading David Atkinson – “Pacific Storms”

Heather Harbord – “Mitlenatch Island”

by Andrew Bryant, 20 Feb 2013.  Heather, Claudia Boelke  and Janet Southcott shared images and anecdotes of lovely Mitlenatch island and its rich wildlife.  The club has run day trips there aboard Misty Isles for several years, including another successful visit in May 2013. We learned what it was like to live on the island … Continue reading Heather Harbord – “Mitlenatch Island”

Sabina Leader-Mense – “Intertidal Wilderness”

Sabina Leader-Mense in her native habitat. Hernando Reef trip, 2014. - A. Bryant

by Sherri Wretham, 16 January 2014.  Sabina, who’s a self-employed biologist from Cortez Island, astounded us with her extraordinary depth of knowledge about all things intertidal.

Dan Blower – “Mountain Goats”

Goat Lake, Upper Eldred Valley

by Sherri Wretham, 21 November 2013.  Dan Blower, who is a retired B.C. Wildlife Branch ungulate specialist, spoke on the natural history of mountain goats and their distribution and abundance in the province.   His talk was illustrated with numerous maps and slides of Mountain goat habitat types in the province.   We were captivated by the power … Continue reading Dan Blower – “Mountain Goats”

Susan MacKay – “Pinnipeds: Seals and Sea-lions”

Steller's sea-lions- V. Burkanov

by Heather Harbord, 24 October 2013.  Susan MacKay is the founder of Whales and Dolphins BC and President of the non-profit Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs).  She is also a member of the Marine Mammal Response Network, a group that responds to reports of injured, distressed or dead marine mammals. Susan spoke about Pinnipeds, the group of marine mammals that … Continue reading Susan MacKay – “Pinnipeds: Seals and Sea-lions”

Rob Hope – “Raptors”

Burrowing owl at Osoyoos, 1989 - A. Bryant

by Sherri Wretham, 25 September 2013.  Rob Hope is the senior rehabilitator at Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta.  O.W.L. is one of the premier raptor rehab centres in North America and has featured on the television program Hope for Wildlife. Specializing in raptors, the facility cares for injured and orphaned birds of prey ranging from … Continue reading Rob Hope – “Raptors”