David Atkinson – “Pacific Storms”

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David Atkinson – “Pacific Storms”
by Andrew Bryant, 28 March 2014. 

David Atkinson, a professor of Geography at the University of Victoria, provided an overview of storm activity in the North Pacific Ocean – types of storms, where they form, why they grow, where and how they travel, where they die, impacts they can exert, and particular features of the Pacific West Coast, including a phenomenon known as “Atmospheric Rivers” or, in more casual terms, how the “pineapple express” actually drives our local weather patterns.

He also spoke about how the research enterprise works, and what some of his graduate students are doing.  His graphics were astounding, and showed just how huge some of these storms actually are.

He spoke for an hour, but given his vast knowledge and obvious passion for the subject, we think he could have gone on for longer had we let him!