Ken & Kathie Pritchard – “Passionate about our feathered friends”

Ken & Kathie Pritchard – “Passionate about our feathered friends”
by Andrew Bryant, 17 Apr 2022.

In only our 2nd “in person” meeting since last November, Ken and Kathie Pritchard came to speak to us about their passion for birds.

There was no concert upstairs this time – but we again had some technical issues with the Zoom meeting, and not many stayed to the end.

For the 20-30 persons who attended in person, it was a terrific talk.  Ken got the ball rolling with a very professionally-done short video (see below).  Kathie then took over and took us on a virtual tour “Powell River birding though the seasons“.   In between we learned LOTS of helpful tips about identifying (and photographing) local birds.

Once again the photography, and the delivery,  was exceptional.  Check out the video!

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