Heather Harbord – “A visit to Bathurst Inlet”

Heather Harbord – “A visit to Bathurst Inlet”
by Andrew Bryant, 20 Jan 2022.

Long-time club member Heather Harbord stepped in at short notice to share details of her trip to Bathurst Inlet Lodge back in 2005.

Not only did she learn how to utilize Zoom effectively, she invited Page Burt, who’s served as staff naturalist at that very lodge for decades, to join in…from her home in Rankin Inlet!   Page is author of Barrenland Beauties: showy plants of the arctic coast (1991) and an exceptional photographer.

So for members who tuned in, we had an unusual speaker’s event.  We had Heather’s experience of visiting a very out-of-the-way place on Canada’s north coast combined with Page’s experience of living and working in that remote environment for several decades.

Wow.  From caribou to kayaks, peregrines to painted cups, we got to see a lot!