Sentinal-2 map for Avenza

  1. Download and install Avenza Maps on your smart-phone.  You can do this directly from your phone using the “app store” or “google play” (depending on whether you have an android or iphone device).
  2. Download the Sentinal-2 image.
  3. Follow the “import a map” instructions found here.  I found it easiest to download and save the map in “Dropbox” and then install the map from there.  But you could also email it to yourself (although at 23 MB this is a large file).

Notes about the map.

It made sense for me to create a larger map than the existing Powell River Recreation Map.  You can get that map directly from Avenza (it’s free but you’ll need to set up an account in order to download it).  I wanted a larger map because while I’m not as adventuresome as some, I still occasionally venture as far as Mitlenatch or Savory or Mount Washington.  And if I’m hiking I like to see those contour lines!

This is a Sentinal-2 image made on 6 Sept 2019.   The file is a “georeferenced” PDF document, which means that Avenza Maps will “know where it is” on planet Earth.  Apart from rivers and contour lines, the only other thing I’ve added to this image is the City of Powell River municipal boundary.  The resolution is 10 metres.  In practice I have both maps installed and switch between them depending on whether or not I want to see roads.

All you need to do is to save the file somewhere where Avenza Maps can find  it.  “Dropbox” worked nicely for me.


Click to enlarge…but note that the PDF version is much, much larger