Paul & Cheryl Miniato – “The Galapagos”

Paul & Cheryl Miniato – “The Galapagos”
by Andrew Bryant, 16 Feb 2023.

Paul and Cheryl Miniato spent a couple of weeks cruising around the Galápagos Islands in October of 2022 – and fortunately for us they took lots of photos!

Although neither of them are biologists or professional photographers, they are observant naturalists, had knowledgeable guides and made the most of their camera gear.  It was a spectacular talk, with all kinds of interesting trivia that you just will never learn unless listening to someone who’s actually been there.

Highlights for me were learning about how speedy Sally Lightfoot Crabs (Grapsus grapsus) are…and learning that Charles Darwin was originally employed upon HMS Beagle as a “Captain’s companion”.

It was a really good talk – flawlessly executed!