Category: 2011-2012 Speakers

Georges Coulon – “Beetles”

Georges Coulon inspects a beetle under a high-powered microscope, pursuing a passion that has consumed him since childhood and in which he is a world-renowned expert. (Powell River Peak)

by Sherri Wretham, 30 May 2012 Georges is an entomologist who has lived in Powell River since 2008.   He was born in Belgium and has spent most of his life there.  He published his first paper about beetles when he was 18 and worked for several non-government organizations before joining the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences in … Continue reading Georges Coulon – “Beetles”

Christina Carrieres – “Wildlife Rehabilitation”

Great Gray owl at Calgary Zoo- A. Bryant

by Sherri Wretham, 8 March 2012.  Christina Carrieres is the Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator for the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) in Metchosin, near Victoria.  She’s also the president of the Wildlife Rehabilitators Network (WRN) of BC. In addition to her hands-on work with wildlife, Christina has developed specific protocols, including diet, housing and … Continue reading Christina Carrieres – “Wildlife Rehabilitation”

David Lacelle – “Hiking and Beachcombing in Haida Gwaii”

by Sherri Wretham, 23 February 2012.  Dave Lacelle has been involved with environmental issues for most of his life, starting from childhood camping in a cedar lean-to, progressing to a BES at U of Waterloo, and 27 years with Environment Canada.  At the time of his talk, Dave was President of the Comox Valley Naturalists Society. When … Continue reading David Lacelle – “Hiking and Beachcombing in Haida Gwaii”

Andrew Bryant – “Recovery of Vancouver Island marmots”

by Andrew Bryant, 19 Jan 2012. I had the great good fortune to spend over twenty years working with what used to be the most critically endangered mammal in North America, the Vancouver Island marmot (Marmota vancouverensis). Mine was a detective story, for that is what science is.  How do we know what we think … Continue reading Andrew Bryant – “Recovery of Vancouver Island marmots”

Michael Stewart – “Gallivanting in the Galapagos”

by Sherri Wretham, 24 November 2011.  Michael presented a lovely slide show of her seven day tour of some of the archipelago’s inhabited islands and surrounding waters.  The emphasis, of course, was on the fauna and flora.  We all wanted to go!    

David Largent – “Collecting mushrooms in Australia”

Woodend Mushroom (Amanita muscaria) - James Edmunds photo

by Sherri Wretham, 20 October 2011.   Dr. David Largent is a mycologist and former Professor of Botany at Humbolt State University in California. David spoke to us about the mushrooms he’s studying in Australia.   The talk emphasized the two areas in which the research was done, namely The Wet Tropics Heritage Areas in far … Continue reading David Largent – “Collecting mushrooms in Australia”